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Pathealth Laboratories LLC

We are here to bring you quality and potent ingredients from all the corners of the globe for the benefit of your health.

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48% from China, 12% from India, 8% from Peru, 8% from Albania & Poland, 8% from the USA, 6% from Canada, 5% from Brazil, 3% from Ecuador, and 2% from Mexico

Pathealth Laboratories LLC

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Algae & Seaweed

Welcome to our online store, where you can find a diverse selection of high-quality algae and seaweed products. Our offerings include a range of organic and sustainable options, including various algae-derived supplements and macro and micro seaweeds, such as Chlorella, blue-green algae, Dulse seaweed, and Bladderwrack. We are confident that you will find something to suit your needs among our selections.

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Probiotics & Enzyme

Our most popular probiotics and enzymes are now even better! With amazing health benefits and improved results, Organic Powder Pure brings you the best quality and highest potency products. Our probiotics/enzymes contain beneficial bacteria that help promote good digestive health and can aid in reducing digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and gas.Buy the quantity your want - 1lb, 5 lbs, or 55 lbs & give your gut the care it deserves!

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Vegetables & Herbs

Vegetables and herbs are essential for a healthy diet, providing an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. At Organic PowderPure, we offer the finest selection of certified organic vegetables and herbs from around the world to help you get all the nutrients your body needs. Therefore, our products are sustainably sourced with origin traceability to ensure the best product reaches your doorstep!

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Pathealth Laboratories LLC

We Offer Fermented Products

Our selection of fermented products include black garlic powder, black ginger powder, and black lemon powder, as well as a variety of organic products. Whether you want organic beet juice powder, pea protein, peanut protein, flaxseed protein, sesame seed protein, Chia seed protein, or pumpkin seed protein powders, Pathealth is here to help you with a variety of organic products.

Pathealth Laboratories LLC
Pathealth Laboratories LLC


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Pathealth Laboratories LLC

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Pathealth Laboratories LLC

About Us Pathealth Organics LLC

Pathealth Laboratories, LLC is at the intersection of several hot trends including organic vegetable & fruit powders, botanical extracts, sports nutrition and gluten-free ingredients. As it approaches its 18-year anniversary, the superfood company’s sales are up more than 100 percent over last year. The Hollister, Calif.-based company has acquired buildings and is in the process of expanding all operations.

Founded in 2002 by Marcel Moheb & Monir Djavaheri as of minority owner company, Pathealth Manufacture, imports organic & natural ingredients from around the world to their warehouse in Hollister, California. Pathealth only sell two different packages 11 pounds & 44 – 55 pounds boxes or drums, sell them to manufacturer, resellers, and thousands of stores in the U.S. and export to several nations including Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. A growing portion of our business is internet sales.

UP TO 25% OFF We offer non-GMO, allergen-free, SPEC, SDS, FC, and sugar-free products. 

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