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Ashwagandha Root


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Ashwagandha root is one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic medicine.

Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic super root, used frequently in Ayurvedic medicine to increase vitality, relieve stress and boost brain and cognitive function. Adaptogens are known for the ability to help our bodies “adapt” to environmental and emotional stressors.

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Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) has a long history of use in traditional Indian medicine, where it is used to promote physical and mental energy and memory health.1

Clinically studied for stress relief*
Now, modern clinical trials show ashwagandha roots are able to support a wide range of benefits, including a healthy stress response, memory health and cognition, overall well-being and more.27

The ashwagandha root did significant improvement in levels of the stress hormone cortisol.2 This confirmed the results from an earlier controlled clinical trial in which ashwagandha root improved stress and cortisol levels.3

Ashwagandha and memory health*
Clinical trial showed that ashwagandha root improved both short term and general memory as well as attention and information processing speed.4
Clinical trials found that those receiving ashwagandha root had quicker reaction times and improved test scores measuring cognitive and neurological performance.5
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Stress and Anxiety*
Modern society is affected by chronic stress due the ever-changing socio-economic conditions. Biochemically, stress is often accompanied by a rise in serum cortisol concentrations. Ashwagandha is renowned for maintaining low cortisol level. This anti-stress and adaptogenic property of Ashwagandha induces a relaxing and calming impact.
Studies shows the administration of an 8-week daily dose of Ashwagandha root Led in a significant reduction in the level of serum cortisol resulting in a reduction in stress [1].

Memory and cognition enhancement*
Ashwagandha has always acted as a nootropic herb in Ayurveda to improve and learning. Ashwagandha enhances brain function, response times, memory, concentration, and task performance capability.
Many studies demonstrate how alkaloids from Ashwagandha help in nerve regeneration, boost neural growth in both humans and animals. The evidences in humans is very limited in this context.
A study was carried out that adults with mild cognitive impairment, a common precursor of Alzheimer’s disease. The clinical research confirmed its traditionally claimed usefulness to enhance memory [2].
In another research, 53 individuals with bipolar disorder took ashwagandha root extract and showed augmented working memory [6].

Thyroid hormone balance*
Stress is the major root cause of thyroid dysfunction. Ashwagandha has a distinctive resilience and helps the body cope with stress and modulates the hormone balances [3].
Research on individuals with hypothyroidism concluded that consumption of ashwagandha root resulted in significant changes in thyroid concentrations relative to the placebo [4].

Muscle strength, size and recovery promotion*
It can enhance muscle mass, muscle strength and decrease body fat in conjunction with resistance training, benefits through alleviating and healing the body’s damage during exercise.
In a research carried out in untrained individuals, root extract from Ashwagandha showed a substantial rise in muscle strength, muscle size and a substantial decline in exercise-induced muscle damage relative to placebo [5].
In another research conducted in healthy participants proposed that Ashwagandha root extract supplementation may be useful in improving muscle weakness, enhancing muscle power under certain conditions [6]. The other recent study with healthy volunteers also demonstrated that Ashwagandha supplementation resulted in increased muscle strength and lean body mass [7].

Cardio-respiratory endurance improvement*
Ashwagandha showed significant impact on athletic performance by improving cardiovascular stamina and strength. Ashwagandha root extract enhanced endurance, VO2 max and self-reported physical health in a study considering healthy athletic adults [8]. Ashwagandha extracts increased ample strength in another study of done with cyclists [13].

Sexual function promotion in women*
Ashwagandha is linked to improving reproductive health for women. Ashwagandha regulates hormones concentrations in the body, especially reproductive hormones in both male and female. It is a proven facilitator and optimizer for better reproductive health. The use of Ashwagandha extract on females to evaluate sexual function, including happiness, excitement, lubrication and orgasm, showed that it considerably improved the sexual function of females [9].

Sexual wellness in men and testosterone level management*
Ashwagandha is a traditional, magical herb used as an aphrodisiac. Ashwagandha is a strong enhancer of men’s libido and is also used for erectile dysfunction. It contributes in two aspects to restoring a healthy sex life in male. First, it helps to produce testosterone and then it raises the luteinizing hormone and testosterone serum concentrations and revitalizes men’s natural sex hormone equilibrium. Secondly, it is known to reduce stress by inhibiting the growth of cortisol, it also helps in the delay of natural testosterone reduction. There is emerging evidence in modern science that it helps to boost testosterone concentrations in males and has a beneficial effect on their reproductive health.
A daily dose of Ashwagandha enhanced sperm count and motility in a 3-month research in males experiencing infertility [15]. A research conducted in 2013 found that males with oligospermia (low sperm count) experienced rise in sperm count, increase in semen quantity and a boost in sperm motility after using a root extract [10].

Anti-aging and longevity*
Ashwagandha root encourage health and longevity by promoting natural immunity and defense against diseases, slowing the aging process, revitalizing the body under adverse circumstances and thus improving the general well-being. A research conducted to assess the antioxidant capacity of Ashwagandha roots in several individuals showed an improvement in antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase and decreased indicators of oxidative stress. As a result, Ashwagandha’s antioxidant characteristics may possibly improve longevity [11]. In another research, Ashwagandha successfully expanded the lifetime of a Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans) [12].
Telomeres are DNA sequences that form caps at the end of our chromosomes and are important aging markers. It was identified to boost telomerase activity in HeLa cell cultures and thus boost longevity [13].

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


1 lb, 5 lbs

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts 100 grams
Amount Per Serving

Calories 370

Total Fat 0g
Saturated Fat 0g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 37mg
Potassium 0mg
Total Carbohydrate 74g
Dietary Fiber 37g
Sugars 0g Added 0 sugar
Protein 0g
Vitamin A 0 mcg
Vitamin D 0 mcg
Calcium 371 mg
Iron 47 mg
Vitamin C 0 mg

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Ingredients: Organic Ashwagandha root powder

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