Tokhme Sharbati, popularly known as Chai seeds, are grey fuzzy seeds packed with antioxidants and nutrients to promote a healthy lifestyle. Also, people who aim for weight regulation benefit from tokhme sharbati. The nutritional content of these small but mighty superfoods makes them a must-have for any kitchen pantry!

This blog post will explore the various benefits of tokhme sharbati or chia seeds that extend beyond just a jolt of energy – read on for more interesting facts about Tokhmme seeds.

What is Tokhme Sharbati?

The Persian name for Chai seeds is Tokhme Sharbati which translates to ‘sharbat (beverage) of seeds’. However, there is a slight texture difference between the two. Moreover, tokhme sharbati are small oval-shaped grey seeds with a mild nutty taste.

Tokhme Sharbati Benefits

1) High in Omega-3 fatty acids

Tokhme sharbati is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help regulate cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.

2) Full of Antioxidants

These seeds contain high amounts of antioxidants which help protect cells from damage caused by radicals.

3) Rich Source of Fiber

Tokhme sharbati is a good source of dietary fiber that helps keep us full and promotes digestion.

4) Aids Weight Loss

Eating chia seeds can help with weight loss since it contains high amounts of protein and fiber, both of which are known for aiding in weight management.

5) Increases Energy Levels

Chia seeds are an excellent energy source as they contain high amounts of carbohydrates and protein, which can help sustain energy levels for longer periods.

How to Use Chia seeds (Tokhme Sharbati)?

Tokhme sharbati or chia seeds can easily be incorporated into one’s diet, as they have a very mild flavor and can be added to almost any recipe. Here are some ways on how to use chia seeds:

  • Sprinkle them over oats or yogurt for a nutritional breakfast
  • Add them to smoothies for an extra boost of energy
  • Mix them into salad dressings for an extra crunch
  • Make chia “pudding” by soaking them in milk overnight
  • Use them as a substitute for eggs in baking recipes
  • Mix them into homemade energy bars or granola
  • Sprinkle them on top of toast, salads, and stir-frys

How to Choose the Right Type of Tokhme Sharbati?

When choosing the right type of tokhme sharbati, there are a few points to consider. When buying chia seeds, getting organic and non-GMO varieties is important. These are safer because other types may have pesticides or other dangerous chemicals. 

Moreover, you should opt for black or grey chia seeds over white varieties as they contain higher amounts of antioxidants.

When you buy seeds, make sure they come in a tightly sealed package. This will help them stay fresh & last longer. Lastly, you can opt for pre-ground chia seeds if you prefer a smoother texture or want to avoid grinding them yourself.


 Tokhme sharbati or chia seeds are a nutritious and versatile food that can easily be incorporated into one’s diet. They provide various health benefits, such as increased energy levels, improved digestion, weight regulation, and more. 

Choosing the right type of tokhme sharbati – opt for organic non-GMO seeds and black or grey varieties for higher antioxidant content and freshness. Try adding tokhme sharbati to your daily diet and see the difference it can make!